lettering tattoo

The four characters are from the ancient Chinese divination book known as the “I Ching.” Through this book one may learn one’s universal fortune. The two sets of horizontal lines represent the I Ching Hexagrams 49 and 31, which were revealed to be the reading of my life and what it will come to be, and the Chinese characters above each are the names of these Hexagrams.

Translated into English the first reads Hexagram 49 – Ko – Revolution; Lake over Fire

REVOLUTION. On your own day
You are believed
Supreme success,
Furthering through perseverance.
Remorse disappears.
Fire in the lake: the image of REVOLUTION
Thus the superior man
Sets the calendar in order
And makes the seasons clear.

And the second reads Hexagram 31 – Hsien – Influence; Lake over Mountain

Influence. Success.
Perseverance furthers.

A lake on the mountain:
The image of influence.
Thus the superior man encourages people to approach him
By his readiness to receive them.

These are the revelations of my I Ching fortune as I have read them before me. The first Hexagram represents who I am now and it’s ominous to find that it captures the essence of who I am very accurately. The second represents who I am to become and it too encapsulates what I hope to be. The I Ching divinations may be seen as crazy superstition but the meaning I put into it is enough for me to believe in it. If believing in these helps me take myself where I want to go, then it will help to have a reminder of my fortune by my side all the time. tattoo done in morbid tattoo parlor in cash and carry mall makati manila